Friday, January 29, 2016

வெளிநாட்டு படிப்பு / உதவித் தொகை (இளங்கலை/ முதுகலை)


Taiwan scholarship for Master in Agriculture Economics

Application Deadline: The deadline to apply for National Taiwan University is March 3, 2016 and deadline to apply for Taiwan ICDF Scholarship is March 18, 2016.


அ) WaterFord Institute of Technology 

Scholarship for 12 and Under graduate person: 
Application for deadline is 31st of May, 2016.
25% off in the undergraduate tution fee


Application Issue: Feb 01 2016
Applicaiton deadline : March 25 2016

Msc in BioTechnology, BioMedical Genomics, BioMedical Science, NeuroPharmacology, Regenerative Medicine, Preventive Cardiology, Software design and development, biomedical engineering, computer science and data analytics, water resource engineering.


Scholarship for first year undergraduate
Application Issue:  Feb 01 2016
Application Deadline:  March 31 2016



Application Issue: Feb 01 2016
Application Deadline: April 30 2016

Master Course (Economics, Management, Science, Law)



Undergraduate program

Application Issue: Feb 01 2016
Application Deadline: May 31 2016
Course Intake: September 2016

Australia :

Undergraduate program:

Application Issue:
Application Deadline:

Course Intake: January 2017

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