Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tamil Name தமிழ் பெயர்கள்

1) Navilan (நவிலன்) -  Person with strong orating skills
2) Navilinian (நவிலினியன்) - Person who is sweet on words and strong on speech
3) Navil (நவில்) - Person who will be heard always and can convince any one with his speech

1) Navilya (நவில்யா)- Person who is strong on her words
2) Navila (நவிலா)- Person who has strong control on her speech
3) Navilmadhi (நவில்மதி) - Person who always talks with great sense and Brilliant thoughts
4) Naviliniya (நவிலினியா) - Person who always talk out sweet words

Ancient Tamil names defined qualities that were expected in a person, such as bravery, love, chivalry and beauty,” he says. “People were even named after trees, mountains and other elements of nature

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