Sunday, February 15, 2015

ஓதுவாரின் நால்வர் குரு பூசை

One of his outstanding initiatives during his tenure at Sri Marundheeswarar Temple was the setting up of the ‘Devasiriyan Thirumurai Mandapam’ in 2001, where discourses on Saiva texts take place every evening. “The only other known mandapam used to be in Thiruvarur during ancient times,” says Rajarethinam. To this day, the discourses continue without a break. “This is perhaps the only such place in the world and is solely due to the grace of God”. He is visibly moved as he recalls the support he has received from the temple officials, priests and staff.

While doing this, Rajarethinam’s thoughts led him to the 274 temples (collectively called Paadal Petra Sthalam) where Saivite saints have actually sung Thevaram hymns. In an inspired moment, Rajarethinam decided to take the Gurupujas to such temples.

“Rajarethinam has recently registered the “Naalvar Gurupoojai Vizha Arakkattalai” which receives contributions towards this initiative. He can be reached at 98406 76508.

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